Strong project management

Our streamlined project execution process helps us get
projects done on time and within budget. The value
of the work can only be judged when it’s been
successfully completed.


  • TradeMates™ is the customized software solution for current business need. This application is especially designed for small and medium enterprises. It includes the complete solution for business management.
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  • Minhasoft EXIMates™ (An Automated System to Trade Globally) provides the traders liberty to trade anywhere in the world, delivers innovative products and reduces operational costs.
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  • In this application, each single module of educational system is considered and designed to offer the user an easy and efficient way to manage the setup.
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  • TrainingMates™ is training and educational portal which can be used for different types of training purpose.
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  • Customized Software Solutions

    A wide range of software solutions from simple finance module to complete ERP solution to provide the competitive advantage to our valuable clients.
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  • Professional Web Designing

    Designing your dream is our aim. With artistic mind and color blends, we have an extensive system to brush for you, an everlasting design, and make you glow with designer’s touch. Read more

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Welcome to Minhasoft The Total Business Solutions

Minhasoft has successfully established itself as a reliable name in IT industry of Pakistan by persistently exceeding the client’s requirements through professional and quality services. The continuous efforts and ability to offer high quality solutions to the clients has put it at the cutting edge of technology and excellence. And by the Grace of Allah Almighty, now Minhasoft is offering valuable services around the ball with its team of zealous engineers and internet evangelists. Minhasoft offers its clients a collection of services including Webpage Development, Software Development Services, online Portals, Hosting & Management, Business Process Solutions, and ERP, with the sole objective to boost the business performance and corporate image of the clients.


After Five decades of business expertise, Minhas group decided to start a sister concern of Minhas PPRC Pvt. Ltd. Till that time, Minhas Pipes has gained a healthy market share and fame in the market because of its well established industrial products. The technical expertise and management excellence behind Minhasoft has almost 10 years of Software Development experience and renowned project management and it has flawlessly delivered an exceptional top-notch solution for multiple industries including healthcare, manufacturing, services, education, design and import-exports.

Profile at a Glance

Designing and developing the solutions is not like having your breakfast, it’s the passion that derives you to come up with something out of the blues to astonish the world. With a large scale critical system deployment, Minhasoft designed solutions are fulfilling client’s needs, adding life to their businesses and thus keeping them at the cutting edge of technology.

Playing with technology and thinking about codes is the desired recreation of Minhasoftians. We love to do the impossible. From the inception of the idea to its refinement and from technology selection to implementation, proper documentation, designing, and conversation are the points which are considered the most.

With our core philosophy of providing IT solutions to entire business community, we aim to give the business environment a technological touch. We have a wide variety products and services for automating and re-engineering the business processes. But functionality is not the only factor we are concerned with. The look, feel, efficiency and effectiveness factors are playing leading role in our applications and client can feel the difference in first look. Our designing team is continuously involved in making the applications aesthetically striking and spectacular.